ACCUPLACER Placement Test

    • All test questions are multiple choice with approximately 20 questions on each test.
    • The test is untimed and adaptive. On average, it takes 2 hours to complete.
    • Personal calculators are not allowed, however, a pop-up calculator is provided on specific test questions.
    • Scratch paper and pencils are allowed
    • There is no charge for the first time testing.  Retesting is $10.
    • Test scores are valid 5 years for Reading, 3 years for EAP tests, 2 years for Math.

    Study Materials

    In order to set yourself up for success, you will want to review the relevant study materials. Use the resources below to review for the placement test. Preparing for the test may save you time and money!

    Study Application 
    EAP Study Guide (PDF)
    Math Study Guide (PDF)
    Reading and Math Study Guide (PDF)

    ACCUPLACER On Campus Testing

    We have reserved seats and will be unable to guarantee a seat without a scheduled time slot. The times listed below are start times, if you need a later start time please select the closest start time, keeping in mind our closing office hours.

    • Testers must store belongings and prohibited items, such as smart watches and cell phones or other prohibited electronic items, in a locker during the test.  We have lockers available in the Testing Center.
    • Testers are asked not to bring a calculator, as calculators are integrated into the exam if needed.
    • Food or drink is not allowed in the Testing Center, only limited medical exceptions will be allowed.
    • Once the exam has started, testers will not be allowed to leave the Testing Center.
    • No children or other visitors are allowed to remain in the Testing Center while a student is testing.

    We offer daily on-campus testing for Summer/Fall semester classes until August 30th.

    Tuesday: 2:30 pm
    Wednesday: 2:30 pm
    Thursday: 9:00 am or 1:00 pm
    Friday: 9:00 am

    On Campus Testing

    The Testing Center is located in Educational Services Building 108. 

    Unavailable / Filled
    Not Scheduled

    ACCUPLACER Remote Testing (Zoom)

    We offer limited remote testing for Summer/Fall semester classes.

    Before scheduling confirm that you are able to meet all of the following computer requirements:

    – Desktop, laptop computer, or Chromebook (not all tablets are supported, must have Zoom application downloaded).
    – Built-in or external webcam, microphone and speakers. 

    Test your computer requirements here
    If all "Pass" you are ready to start testing, if any of the requirements "Fail" search in your computer/browser settings to adjust the items that were flagged. Let us know if you need help when we are setting you up on the test we may be able to make the adjustment for you.

    Chrome is the preferred browser. Please disable pop-up blockers on your browser. We can assist you with this in the test if you are unable to adjust it prior to testing.

    Zoom application must be downloaded

    You can download Zoom for MinnState, click “Download Client” at the bottom of the page to reach the Download Center.  If you already have it downloaded make sure it is updated. 

    You must test alone in a quiet room without disruptions.
    No one may enter the room while testing.

    You will be required to show a photo ID. Acceptable forms of ID include:
    State or federal approved ID, High School ID, or College ID.

    Monday: 1:00pm

    Tuesday and Wednesday: 3:00pm

    Zoom Testing

    The Testing Center offers limited remote testing.

    Unavailable / Filled
    Not Scheduled

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